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  • Improve your cash-flow using Invoice Finance

    4 Simple steps to improved cash-flow in your business

We make things happen. We get cash into your business when you need it, not when your customers feel like paying you. We do it discreetly, cost-effectively and with a minimum of paperwork for you to consider.

For years, many of the UK's fastest growing SME's having been using invoice finance, freed from the worry of unpredictable cash flow and able to concentrate all their talents and ambitions on the most important task - growing the business. We know we can do the same for you and your business.


Invoice finance: how it works

  • Step one
    You deliver your goods or service to
    your client
  • Step two
    You invoice your client as normal and send us a copy of the invoice
  • Step three
    We can advance up to 90%* of the invoice value to you within hours of receipt, dependent on the terms of your agreement with us.
  • Step four
    When your customer pays the invoice, we release the balance to you, minus our mutually pre-agreed fees.

Working Capital calculator

Our easy to use calculator helps you see how much cash you could release from your sales ledger.

£0 ^
Receive up to 90%* of your sales ledger within 24 hours
* Subject to formal approval

Put simply, Gener8Finance has the smartest financial tools and highest quality expertise to help you get back to doing what you do best – running a successful, growing business.

Working together - a personal commitment

We will work with you, not for you. We believe in making our service as personal as possible because, in the real world, no two SMEs face the same challenges or share the same hopes and fears.

You'll be able to reach us at all times and you'll always be dealing with a Gener8 team member who understands your business and is able to flex your facility to help you. If the request is a little more complicated then it may be referred to a decision maker who can respond within minutes with a solution to aid your working capital.

Speak to one of our team today to find out more

Flexibility - a professional requirement

When we succeed in helping you improve your cash flow and accelerate your plans for the business you will, by definition, be a different business. Your aspirations and ambitions will have evolved. You may be ready to enter new markets, embrace new challenges or even contemplate radical change.

We have the flexibility of products and services to evolve with you and meet your changing needs in real-time.

Why? Because we commit ourselves to keeping abreast of your circumstances at all times and we will change and adapt our service levels, funding arrangements and fees to reflect the changing nature of your business.


Our service promise:

Some time ago we decided to test the strength of our own convictions. We created a Service Charter which states that we will provide a service fee refund to any client who is not entirely happy with our service or any other aspect of the Gener8 experience.

To date, no-one has claimed under the Charter and we're confident that we can maintain these high standards for many years to come.

Challenge us with your business invoice finance needs today and see how we can help you grow your business.